All services from Tranquillity Home
Health Care leaves you with a peace
of mind and your cares continued in
a positive direction.
The services that are provided are
from employees that were carefully
selected. A criminal background
check, drug screen and references
were thoroughly checked to ensure the
delivery of quality service and safety
to our clients.
Our staff is required to be in uniform,
which includes:
Tranquillity Home Health badge and
nursing uniform.
The nursing staff and home health
aides have CPR certification; TB
screen updated and passed a physical
exam provided by their physician.
Health Care personnel and services
are supervised by registered nurses
(RN). Our clients are encouraged to
participate in a written evaluation on
their satisfaction with the home care’s
competency and professionalism.
Evaluation from our clients will help
to improve the quality of services.
30 Years of Home Health Experience